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Asociatii turism Ungaria

Association of Hungarian Travel Agents & Tours Operators (MUISZ)
1123 Budapest, Jagelló u. 1-3.
T: (36-1) 279-1107 F: (36-1) 279-1108
Email: | website:
President: Mrs. Gabriella Molnár - lista agentii turism

HAH - Hotel Association of Hungary - Asociatia hotelierilor din Ungaria

Adresa / Postal address: H-1444 Budapest, P.O.Box 233.
H-1123 Budapest, Jagelló utca 1-3. Novotel Budapest Convention Centre
Phone: (36-1)322-3854, (36-1)466-9462 Fax: (36-1)322-3854
President: dr. András Rubovszky
General secretary: Gábor Lombosi

Founded: 1968. The tasks of the Association are to represent the interests of the member hotels in Hungary and abroad, promote the further development of the Hungarian hotel industry, participate in the organisation of training for hotel experts and to maintain regular, organised, consultative contacts with experts in the hotels.

The association carries out its activity in six regions. International relations: International Hotel Association (IHA), Paris; HOTREC Confederation of the National Hotel and Restaurant Association in the European Union, Brussels. The Hotel Association of Hungary publishes a catalogue on its activities and its members.

Hungarian Convention Bureau - Asociatia organizatorilor de conferinte

Adress: H-1052 Budapest, Süto u. 2.
Phone: (36-1)317-9056 Fax: (36-1)318-9059
Director: Ms. Júlia Trizna A neutral, non-profit association with the goal to increase the number of international conventions, exhibitions and events held in Hungary. It popularises Hungary worldwide as an ideal venue for events. Its members are hotel companies, convention centres, professional congress organisers and businesses providing other services related to the convention sector. The Bureau provides free advisory service on venues for events, organisers, services, tourist and incentive programmes. Publications: calendar of events, venues of events.

Hungarian Rural Tourism Association - Asociatia ungara de turism rural

H-1072 Budapest, Klauzál tér 5.
Phone: (36-1)352-9804 Fax: (36-1)268-0592
President: György Zoltán Kovács Hungarian Camping And Caravanning Club H-1085 Budapest, Mária u. 34. floor II apt. 4
Phone: (36-1)267-5255, 267-5256 Fax: (36-1)267-5254
President: Béla Koncsik
The organisation represents the interests of Hungarian campers. It is a member of the International Camping and Caravanning Club (HlCC).

The Club operates its own members' service office to provide better information:
H-1085 Budapest, Ülloi út 6.
Phone: (36-1)317-1711

The club publishes its own paper "Karaván", which appears quarterly.

Asociatia Yousth Hostels Ungaria - Hungarian Youth Hostels Association (MISZSZ)

H-1077 Budapest, Almássy tér 6.
Postal Address: H-1410 Budapest, P.O.Box 119
E-mail: Phone: (36-1) 343-5167 Fax: (36-1) 343-5167
President: László Meszter
General Secretary: Ferenc Németh

The Hungarian Youth Hostels Association is a member of the International Youth Hostel Federation. The organisation has undertaken to represent the interests of youth hostels at national level. Its aim is to achieve a steady improvement in the conditions for youth tourism. It organises the appearance of the hostels on the market. In Hungary it issues and sells the internationally accepted "Youth Hostels Card" which generally entitles cardholders to a 10-25 % reduction. In a number of countries only cardholders can use the youth hostels.

Hungarian Tourism Association (MATUR)

H-1077 Budapest, Rózsa u. 4-6.
Postal address: H-1367 Budapest, P.O.Box 124
Phone: (36-1)321-5800 ext. 11, (36-1)351-7581 ext. 11 Fax: (36-1)322-2412
President: Dr. Márton Lengyel The Hungarian Tourism Association, established in June 1993, is an independent national organisation based on individual membership. Its aim is to achieve recognition of the profession and improve its operating conditions. It has regional and professional sections.

National Tourism Employer's Association

H-1012 Budapest, Kuny Domokos utca 13-15.
Phone: (36-1)355-5373 Fax: (36-1)355-5373
Chairman: dr. Ferenc Feleki
General secretary: János Parti The National Tourism Association is an independent legal entity. It began operating on a national basis in 1990. The costs of its operation are covered by the membership dues: As a body representing the interests of employers, it represents these interests in the field of tourism, the hotel and catering industries and carries out activity for the coordination and identification of interests. On the basis of the profile, it covers some 80 % of the field.

Magyar Autóklub (Hungarian Automobile Club)

Headquarters: H-1024 Budapest, Rómer Flóris utca 4/A
Phone: (36-1)212-2938 Fax: (36-1)212-3890
Chairman: Oszkár Hegedus
General secretary: dr. Zoltán Kovács Year of foundation: 1899

Member of two world organisations:
Alliance Internationale de Tourisme and
Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile

Largest automobile organisation in Hungary with 300,000 members and the most expanded network system. International emergency call centre: Phone: (36-1)212-2821, Fax: (36-1)212-2936. Assistance services day and night: emergency call centre, breakdown services in cities and on ordinary roads (yellow angels), towing services, hotel reservations, ticket sales, etc. Touring services in branch offices: documents, information, itineraries, maps. Own travel agency: AUTO TOURS, member of the "Associations of Hungarian Travel Agencies". Offering individual and group travel arrangements, hotel reservations, package tours and changing money. Offices at the Hungarian/Austrian border: Hegyeshalom and Rábafüzes.

Tourism Office of Budapest Headquarters: H-1056 Budapest, Március 15. tér 7. floor I
Postal address: H-1364 Budapest, P.O.Box 215
Phone: (36-1) 266-0479 Fax: (36-1) 266-7477
Director: György Ifju

The Tourism Office of Budapest has been operating as the tourist marketing organisation of the Budaepst Local Government since 1966. The goal of the office, which was established by the Trade, Tourism and Consumer Protection Committee of the Budapest General Assembly is to promote the tourism of Budapest and to inform tourists coming here.

Hungarian National Tourist Office (HNTO)

Ministry of Economic Affairs
International Relations
American Society of Travel Agents, ASTA Hungary Chapter President: Mr. Péter Volosin
c/o: Omega Travel & Tours
H-1372 Budapest, P.O.B. 455.
Tel: (36-1)228-1973 Fax:(36-1)227-5413
Homepage: Pacific Asia Travel Association, PATA Hungary Chapter

President: Ms. Judit Molnár
c/o: OTP Travel
H-1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc u. 7-9.
Tel: (36-1)266-9611 Fax:(36-1)338-3108 Association Internationales des Skal Clubs, SKAL Hungarian Club

President: Mr. Sándor Betegh
c/o: Danubius Hotels
H-1365 Budapest, P.O.B. 736.
Tel: (36-1)374-7201 Fax:(36-1)269-3095

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